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• Traveling Block - An arrangement of pulleys or sheaves through which drilling cable is reeved, which moves up or down in the derrick or mast.  
• Hook - A large, hook-shaped device from which the elevator bails or the swivel is suspended. It is designed to turns on bearings in its supporting housing.  
• Swivel - A rotary tool that is hung from the rotary hook and traveling block to suspend and permit free rotation of the drill stem. It also provides a connection for the rotary hose and a passageway for the low of drilling fluid into the drill stem.  
• Drawwork - The hoisting mechanism on a drilling rig. It is essentially a large winch that spools off or takes in the drilling line and thus raises or lowers the drill stem and bit.  
• Rotary Table - The principal component of a rotary, or rotary machine, used to turn the drill stem and support the drilling assembly. It has a beveled gear arrangement to create the rotational motion and an opening into which bushings are fitted to drive and support the drilling assembly.  
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